Vision System

Quality Control Equipment

Superior equipment means superior quality

Thirteen On-Line PPT Vision Systems improve our inspection capabilities. By having on-line systems attached to the production presses you get an immediate go or no go inspection as you run. This greatly reduces inspection time, eliminates the chance for human error, and reduces material waste.

Our OGP Smart Scopes also streamline the quality inspection process by having pre-programmed specifications entered so the inspection of your parts is handled quickly, efficiently, and with fewer human error factors. Upon inspection, data from our Smart Scopes can be easily transmitted to our customers for review and statistical analysis of data can be provided through the OGP vision systems.

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Quality Control Equipment

Quantity Equipment Type
13 PPT on-line vision systems
12 Keyence Vision System
4 OGP smart scopes for automated inspection with laser depth capabilities and SPC, CPK collection and charting
17 Optical comparators (10X 50X Magnification)
34 Microscopes
7 Camber gauges
4 Twist gauges
3 OGP optical comparators
4 Toolmaker scope
5 Chatillion force gauge
1 Leco potting and cross section system
2 Ultrasonic cleaners
1 Ultra polisher
3 Digital Height Gauges
1 Discussion Stereo Microscope
1 Keyence Image Dimension measure system