Tools and dies built to last

Created exclusively for building new dies, our state-of-the art tool room allows us to meet your requirements quickly and easily. By distinctly separating the tool build shop from the maintenance shop, we can transition smoothly from design to building and production. And because die building processes are handled in-house, we can offer shorter lead times resulting in faster time to market for our customers.

Metal stamping build services at-a-glance

  • In-house die shop exclusively for building new tools and dies.
  • Three on-site Agie Wire Machines aid stamping die production and help hold tolerances to 50 millionths of an inch (.000050) with speed and accuracy. This results in lower costs and shorter lead times, and over the tool’s lifetime increases production efficiency and reduces maintenance.
  • Dies built to run material thicknesses as thin as .001 under extremely tight tolerances.
  • Built to last, there are no additional maintenance charges or annual fees to keep your die running.

We handle the tough micro-precision stampings that other stamping companies won’t pursue. Learn how our knowledge and experience can benefit you during the development phase.