Experts in precision metal stampings

In today’s competitive environment, time to market is critical to the success of your program. At Tooling Dynamics, the job is not complete until the tool is qualified.

With over 40 toolmakers on staff, we have the superior knowledge and engineering experience needed to meet your toughest requirements. We tackle the tough precision metal stamping jobs other metal stamping companies won’t pursue.

Metal stamping development services at-a-glance

  • In-house design team works alongside toolmakers for ease in development.
  • Planning at the design stage minimizes development time.
  • Our staff’s knowledge and experience is the largest benefit we offer to our customers.
  • Specializing in high volume, precision stampings with very thin gauge metals (as thin as .001″) under extremely tight tolerances.

Working with you at the design stage can help minimize development time. We also offer prototyping services to meet your development schedule.