Quality Control

Our technically advanced stamping, machining, and inspection equipment are second to none. With 12 Keyence Vision Systems, 13 on-line PPT Vision Systems, and 4 OGP SmartScopes with laser depth capabilities, our customers’ parts undergo superior quality measures.

Quality control at every stage

Quality control is a critical element of every process at Tooling Dynamics. From the arrival of raw materials at our dock to the delivery of finished parts to our customers, our quality control department is an essential participant at all stages in metal stamping engineering and production.

Customers’ specifications and dimensions are constantly tracked and monitored throughout the production process. To enhance our inspection capabilities, we use a number of quality control programs such as Statistical Process Control (SPC) and chart PPKs and CPKs for critical dimensions.

All customers receive a first article inspection report (on all new programs), a copy of our production inspection plan, and documented workmanship specifications on each part with visual aids available upon request for your retention.

Quality control qualifications at-a-glance

  • ISO 9001 registered since January 2004, a yearly audit for ISO qualification is maintained through SAI Global.
  • Registered IATF 16949 Automotive Specification.
  • Several team members have been trained in Six Sigma and 6 employees have Green Belt quality designations.
  • 12 Keyence Vision Systems, 13 PPT on-line Vision Systems, and 4 OGP SmartScopes with laser Depth capabilities.