The right tool and die design

The design stage is a critical phase in the metal stamping process. The proper design ensures the right manufacturability. Planning for possible future tool modifications during the design stage can save time and money during later development.

Our innovative and experienced design team provides complete design services from concept through production. We work with you to create tool designs to help reduce manufacturing costs and assure efficiency in die maintenance to lower your overall production expenses.

Metal stamping design services at-a-glance

  • Four design stations staffed with experienced engineers.
  • Latest SolidWorks versions ensure design accuracy and optimum production efficiency and performance.
  • 100% detailed drawings on single sheets with complete die reviews and approval.
  • Front load dies allow each station to be removed and worked on individually while the die remains in press.
  • Low cost modular die sets available for prototype work, large volume runs and other production demands.

Working with you at the design stage can help minimize development time. We also offer prototyping services to meet your development schedule.

Advantages of Modular Design Stamping Dies

  • Reduces design time and maintenance time
  • Uses many standardized components
  • Provides excellent performance, from a durable high volume production tool
  • Precision blanking and forming