Our Facility

The flexibility to meet your production demands

With over 80 presses ranging in size from 5 to 60 tons, our pressroom offers outstanding flexibility to meet your production needs. It also means we don’t have to pull dies in and out of presses to meet demands guaranteeing uninterrupted schedules and on-time deliveries.

Pressroom capabilities at-a-glance

  • Staffed with over 40 Pennsylvania Journeyman Tool and Diemakers.
  • Over 80 presses ranging from 5 to 60 tons.
  • Three shifts operating each day.
  • Seven days a week production available.
  • Reel to reel, bulk loose piece, or stacked production runs.
  • 100 strokes per minute (SPM) up to 2000 SPM.
  • Separate pressroom maintenance shop streamlines maintenance issues, keeps dies running, and parts to specification.

Quicker turnaround times

Redesigned to support lean manufacturing, our new pressroom layout saves production time and increases efficiency, resulting in quicker turnaround times throughout the production run process. The benefits of a lean manufacturing layout, combined with our 13 PPT On-Line Vision Systems, 4 OGP Smart Scopes, and 3 OGP optical comparators increase product quality for you and your customers.

High speed stamping: Presses

Quantity Manufacturer Tonnage Style Speed
2 Bruderer 60 4-Post 1,100 S.P.M.
25 Bruderer 30 4-Post 1,500 S.P.M.
4 Bruderer 30 3-Post 600 S.P.M.
1 Bruderer 22 4-Post 1,800 S.P.M.
4 Bruderer 18 4-Post 1,500 S.P.M.
9 Bruderer 10 4-Post 500 S.P.M.
3 Minster 60 Pulsar 600 S.P.M.
8 Minster 30 Pulsar 1,000 S.P.M.
5 Minster 22 B1-22 800 S.P.M.
7 Various 5 800 S.P.M.
6 Assembly Machines 200 S.P.M.

Stamping: Auxiliary equipment

Quantity Equipment Type
68 Dereelers with pallet, spool, and pancake capability
77 Automated reelers to handle all output formats

Swiss screw machining

Quantity Equipment Type
2 Citizen L20 Swiss screw machine
1 Citizen K16E Swiss screw machine

Shop equipment

Quantity Equipment Type
20 Surface grinders various types and manufacturers
2 2007 Agiecut progress V2 wire EDM machine with SF module for finishes of 3.9 RMS
4 Bridgeport milling machines
1 Santec hole popper
1 Mitsubishi 6 axis conventional CNC sink EDM with fine finish
1 Hardinge toolmaker lathe
1 Sunnen hone
3 Drill presses
2 Lucifer heat treat ovens
3 Height gauges
2 Hardness tester (1-“C” Scale & 1-“N” Scale)
1 Grieve 750° inert Atmosphere Oven
1 Blue M 750° inert Atmosphere Oven

Shop: Misc. Equipment

Quantity Equipment Type
5 Set plug gauges
2 Set Mitutoyo gauge blocks
25 Granite surface plates various sizes
1 24″ vernier calipers
2 Tool etcher

Quality Control Equipment

Quantity Equipment Type
13 PPT on-line vision systems
12 Keyence Vision System
4 OGP smart scopes for automated inspection with laser depth capabilities and SPC, CPK collection and charting
17 Optical comparators (10X 50X Magnification)
34 Microscopes
7 Camber gauges
4 Twist gauges
3 OGP optical comparators
4 Toolmaker scope
5 Chatillion force gauge
1 Leco potting and cross section system
2 Ultrasonic cleaners
1 Ultra polisher
3 Digital Height Gauges
1 Discussion Stereo Microscope
1 Keyence Image Dimension measure system


Quantity Equipment Type
13 SolidWorks Design Seats
1 AutoCAD design stations Current revision level


Quantity Role
40 Toolmakers
25 Die repair persons
26 Press operators
14 Quality control engineers and inspectors
4 Die design engineers
6 Machinists
3 Wire EDM Operators
4 Building & Machine Maintenance Personnel
5 Shipping Personnel
3 Automation Personnel