Producing customer satisfaction

At Tooling Dynamics, we specialize in high-volume, precision metal stamping and Swiss screw machining. Our highest priority is customer satisfaction. With guaranteed on-time delivery and comprehensive in-house production capabilities, we offer the services you need and the quality and commitment you expect.

Equipment and facility

With over 80 presses, three shifts per day and seven-day-a-week capabilities, we are equipped to run millions of parts efficiently. We offer parts loose-piece or on-strip, use raw material arranged on coils or “pancaked”, and make parts ranging from microscopic to several inches in size.

Raw materials

Our toolmakers specialize in working with very thin gauge metals (as thin as .001” thick) and under extremely tight tolerances. Common production materials include beryllium copper, phosphorus bronze, stainless steel, copper, brass, cold rolled steel, and Mylar.